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January 2016

The Taj Hotel Dubai A Review

The Taj Hotel Dubai A ReviewThe Taj group is India’s premier Hotel chain. It has its presence in all parts of India. It also has the distinction of setting up the first five star hotel in India at Mumbai-the Taj Mahal Hotel. The group has now ventured out of India and has set up a luxury hotel at Dubai. The hotel has carved a niche for itself and is located 2 km from the airport at Dubai.

The Taj Palace Dubai Hotel has a vantage location and staying there gives you easy access to some of the important entertainment and business centers of Dubai. As a bonus even the Dubai Exhibition Center and Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center are also nearby and can be easily accessed by the hotel residents.

The Taj group is run by the Indian hotels company which is listed on the Mumbai stock exchange The hotel lives up to the name of the Taj Group and brings with a reputation of impeccable service by its staff. The hotel also is well endowed with all amenities that a hotel guest may need.

The hotel is not inordinately large and can be considered a middle level hotel. It has 147 executive rooms and 10 executive suits along with 2 Royal suites. These accommodations are luxuriously furnished and can be a delight to a hotel resident. In addition each room has a balcony and measures 61 sq meters, which makes the rooms among the largest in Dubai.

In addition the hotel also offers 90 deluxe fully furnished apartments. People who come for a longer stay can very well stay in these apartments., These apartments have all the Hall mark of the Taj group and are ideal for visitors who desire a longer stay. They can be classified as home away from home. The service apartments also come with a fully operational kitchen as well have a room also for your maid or servant.

The Taj follows the policy of the group and integrates with the local culture. As an example the Dubai Taj has a ballroom which is shaped like an Arabic tent. The tent is the hall mark of the Dubai desert and the Nomads who once roamed there. Thus a stay at the Taj in Dubai can be a rewarding experience as the group brings with it a record of great service coupled with local culture, that will put the hotel resident at ease.

Dubai Hotels Dubai Accommodation

Dubai Hotels Dubai AccommodationDubai -‘Pearl of the Arabian Gulf ‘,Known to be one of the most fast growing cities in the world, Dubai has its share of tourists and visitors which is growing in number every year. The economic growth has been phenomenal here, owing to which many international hotels have set up branches here. A city which is a good blend of modernity and history has within its boundaries a multitude of star hotels.

According to statistics, an all-time record 6.5 million guests stayed in Dubai hotels in 2006 and there was a 6.9% increase in hotel rooms and apartment occupancy during the same year. Dubai scored a world record when its hotel establishments recorded the highest occupancy and revenues in the month of January 2007, leaving behind Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo and London in occupancy levels.

Hotels in Dubai are much sought after, and all of them come with superb facilities and amenities. Many of the Dubai Hotels are spread across Deira and Bur Dubai. There are also a good number of hotels located in Dubai Marina, an area boasting of good tourist as well as business connections. Additionally, a plethora of superb business hotels can be found in the modern business areas of Dubai, such as Sheikh Zayed Road. However, many of the famous luxury hotels are located in Jumeirah beach area. Some of the unique traits of majority of the Dubai hotels are authenticity, luxury, and exceptionality.

A destination spot for holiday travelers to Dubai growing in popularity is the Burj-al-Arab, the first seven-star hotel is probably the greatest of all luxury hotels in Dubai. Acknowledged as the ‘Tower of Arabs’, consists of 28 stories, each of which is noted for their unique architecture and superb views. Further, it boasts of the tallest atrium in the world, which measures about 600 ft. The hotel’s facilities, among many others, are 202 suites equipped with superb facilities, five restaurants serving sophisticated dining menu round the clock, four bars, and sophisticated spa facilities.

Other best hotels in Dubai are Admiral Plaza Hotel, Al Jawhara Apartments Hotel, Arabian Courtyard Bur Dubai Hotel, Metropolitan Palace Dubai Hotel, Hawthorn Deira Hotel, Taj Palace Dubai Hotel, and York International Hotel.

Finally it is important that you find hotels in the Dubai of that are affordable for your holiday budget. Take the time to compare the rates of several hotels and other types of lodging accommodations. Holiday apartments in and the villas in the sea cave area of are two additional lodging options available to people on holiday to the Dubai. By comparing rates and services, you can ensure you get the features you need in a hotel with a price tag that you can afford.


Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai Redefining Luxury and Opulence

Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai Redefining Luxury and OpulenceBurj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai has attained an iconic and legendary status in its relatively short tenure along the coastline of Jumeirah beach. The emblematic hotel has fascinated international tourists and has ensured its position as one of the most photographed structures in the world along with the epithet of being the ‘world’s most luxurious hotel.’

Designed to resemble a billowing sail, Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai propels to the dizzying height of more than 320 metres. Comprehensibly dominating the Dubai skyline, the masterpiece is a sight in night with all its synchronised lighting that represents both water and fire. Inspired, incredible, impressive – words surely fail to describe this gaudy monstrosity of man.

The flamboyant and elaborate all-suite luxury hotel features the very finest that the world has to offer. A discreet in-suite check-in, reception desk on each of its 60 floors, a contingent of highly skilled butlers, a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce – Burj Al Arab redefines the word ‘luxury’ and is surely miles apart from other hotels in Dubai.

Bordered by the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf and perched by ashen sandy beaches, Burj Al Arab is one of the prominent leisure spots for water sports and activities. Soak up the abundant sun rays on the private beach, unwind in the terrific outdoor pool or workout in the ultra modern spacious gymnasium featuring state of the art in equipment and machinery. Additionally, the guests at the Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai enjoy unlimited access to the Wild Wadi Waterpark.

Loosen up and rejuvenate your body and mind in the lavish settings of Assawan Spa, an ultimate health spa that spans over 5,000 square metres and offers the wonderful journey of relaxation and revitalisation. Assawan Spa delivers supreme health treatments, fitness facilities and inspiring customised treatments using the best products from around the world.

The incredible Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai also offers the best of services and amenities to its corporate clients. The hotel boasts of three classically stylised boardrooms which are furnished with the latest in communication and presentation technology.

Restaurants and Nightlife
The only 7-star hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab incorporates multiple food venues. The selection of food includes a variety of cuisines like Arabic, European, international, Asian and Mediterranean. One of its restaurants, the Al Mahara has been rated as one of the top 50 restaurants in the world by “Restaurant” magazine. The restaurant is accessible through a simulated submarine voyage. While another of its restaurants, the Al Muntaha is located 200 m (660 ft) above the Persian Gulf and offers a panoramic view of Dubai. Burj Al Arab’s other restaurants and bars include:

• Al Iwan
• Bab Al Yam
• Culinary Flight
• Junsui
• Majlis Al Bahar
• Sahn Eddar
• Juna Lounge
• Skyview Bar

The Burj Al Arab definitely stands out among the numerous hotels in Dubai. The hotel features more than 200 spacious duplex suites that range in size from 1830 to 8396 square feet. Each suite incorporates private business facilities, plasma screens, a rain shower and a Jacuzzi. The hotel’s various suite options include:

• One Bedroom Deluxe Suite
• Two Bedroom Deluxe Suite
• Panoramic Suite
• Club Suite
• Diplomatic Suite
• Presidential Suite
• Royal Suite


Cheap Hotels Dubai

Cheap Hotels DubaiQuickly becoming one of the world’s top holiday destinations, Dubai has built a reputation from its real estate and incredible tourist industry. Because of this unprecedented success, there is a growing demand for cheap hotels. Dubai already has a high calibre of world renowned top quality hotels which need no introduction, however, those which are low cost like any other holiday destination are also required. If you have the budget to stay in luxury accommodation then great, but in general, most people will tend to stay somewhere less plush. Dubai has many affordable hotels that also have fantastic service at a fraction of the cost. Generally, if you want to find cheap hotels, places to avoid are the New Dubai areas such as Jumeirah where prices are always high as this is the business district. The sheikh Zayed Road area near the marina are also discouraged as this is prime real estate.

Low cost hotels can be found in areas such as; Deira, Bur Dubai and Al Satwa. Deira is home to a large population of migrant workers but this is a strategically good location as this is a short walk to the gold souk and Dubai Creek. Because Dubai is virtually crime free, it is relatively safe to travel at any time of the day or night although one must exercise caution as you would anywhere in the world. If you want to stay in Dubai then definitely check out Deira as a {[low cost| cheaper]} option. Hotels to check out are the Le Meridien in Deira which aren’t to dear. It may be a good idea to stay in the vicinity of Bani Yas square region. Most of these hotels will be very basic accommodation but it is a lively place day and night. If you want something an echelon higher then the Creek is where you will get a better quality and standard of accommodation. An example is the Hilton on Dubai Creek which is a 5 star outfit or the Grand Hyatt. If you are a fan of fine dining then you will also find Chef Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant here.

Bur Dubai is slightly different to Deira, it is a buzzing little area which is home to a large Indian migrant population (mostly from Karela). It is close to shopping malls such as Ibn Batuta Mall, and is about a 10 minute drive to Jumeirah. It has a fantastic market called ‘Mina Bazaar’ which specialises in clothing that you can get at good prices with many cheap hotels in Bur Dubai that you will be able to find. The include places like the Le Meridien Sandos and also Golden Sands apartments.

Hotels in Al Satwa should really be on the bottom of the list unless you are on a very tight budget. Although the area runs parallel to Sheikh Zayed Road, it is the area which is considered to be the main place where migrant workers stay. There are many good places to eat in Al Satwa although tourists very rarely stay here as it deemed to be quite rough.

Before you book any cheap hotels in Dubai do your research. It is advised to read hotel reviews where you may potentially be staying just to ensure there are no surprises when you arrive. Because nightclubs are not really allowed in Dubai since it is a Muslim country, you may find that there are bars or discos integrated within the hotels so be sure to check out the reviews before making a decision.

Wherever you stay in the Emirate, you will be pleased to know that there are many cheap hotels to be found. The best deals are in the off-peak season which is in the summer, between April and September where you will be able to get some bargains on flights and accommodation. If you do decide on going in these months then be prepared to hit soaring temperatures in their 40s.